Thunder Road” tests the limits of how long one can sit with the unflinching portrait of an angry, broken man whose life is falling apart in every direction, and it turns out it’s about 91 minutes. Writer-director-star Jim Cummings‘ adaptation of his acclaimed 2016 short focuses on a wayward police officer who can’t manage to put his life together, largely due to his own simmering rage and sloppy mistakes. Cummings’ unruly performance as the mustachioed anti-hero engenders a paradoxical character study, in which the filmmaker takes to both sides of the camera to beg the audience for empathy, but doesn’t make it easy.

The Grand Jury prize winner at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival is most impressive for its uncompromising magnification of despair, with Cummings as a man who can’t stop traipsing through a trail of banana peels, and while that approach can grow weary it’s also an impressive gamble maintained through the sheer convictions Cummings brings to the material.

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