Warning: spoilers about the This Is Us season two finale ahead.

Well, This Is Us fans, we made it, and we don’t think our tear ducts have seen this much action since Jack’s death in the “Super Bowl Sunday” episode. First off, we’d like to offer our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Toby Damon! Although the season two finale “The Wedding” toyed with our emotions in ways we didn’t know were possible, the couple made it through their wedding day despite his parents’ concerns and KaToby lives on.

After Mandy Moore revealed earlier in the day that they were “ending a really turbulent, tragic season on a lighter note,” we can’t help but gush over said light note: a present-day Jack in all of his gray haired glory. As if Jack and Rebecca’s vow renewal wasn’t enough to tug at our heartstrings, the true queen of all tear-inducing scenes during the finale was Kate. After coming to terms with Jack’s death, she confronted her mother …read more

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