74th Venice Film Festival - My Generation - Photocall

Michael Caine is currently promoting a six-part documentary series called My Generation. It’s a journey through the 1960s, especially with pop culture/music/films/drugs whatever. It was a simpler time back then, only not really. Caine is in his 80s (he actually turns 85 today), and he’s still sharp as a tack and surprisingly… well, I won’t say he’s “woke,” but he’s aware. More aware than most 80-somethings, I would wager. He chatted with the Guardian about drugs, cigarettes, feminism and Woody Allen. Note: Caine won his first Oscar for his work in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters. Now Caine doesn’t want to even know Woody.

Drugs & alcohol in the ‘60s: “In the 60s, we were drinkers. What ruined the 60s, towards the end of the decade, were drugs. If people were taking cocaine, they’d start talking bollocks and not stop for hours. If they were on other drugs, they’d just sit around, going “Wow, man.” So it was either people talking too fast to understand, or people not saying anything at all. It brought to an end the 60s as we knew it – which was a load of drunks …read more

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