The most recent season of Game of Thrones left us all shaken. In the final moments of the final episode, the Night King destroys the Wall, which is basically the only barrier between the far North’s frozen undead wasteland and the rest of Westeros. And yes, as we move on into the show’s eighth and last season, we of course have plenty of theories about what might go down. But even though there’s a lot to wrap up before the series finale, much of the coming episodes will focus on the fight against the Night King and his army.

We could spend time wondering who the Night King is or whether or not he has greensight, but there’s a more obvious mystery to consider: now that he’s in the Seven Kingdoms, what’s his game plan? You might be tempted to argue that he’ll just work his way down: start in the North and slowly destroy everything in his path, right? But one smart Game of Thrones fan thinks the Night King could have a much more sinister plan. And luring the armies of Westeros to the North is just the beginning.

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