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Some new documents for the original pitch for Star Trek: The Next Generation have surfaced, and they reveal a very different take on the Enterprise’s crew, including a Vulcan captain who dies in the pilot but lives on in hologram form, able to be summoned by the acting captain. (Although if the captain dies, I don’t know why the second in command still has to be “acting captain.” You’d think he’d just get the full promotion.) As a lifelong Quantum Leap fan, this sounds like a major Al/Sam situation and I’m into that. Not as into as the actual show we ended up getting, but it sounds interesting. (via The AV Club)

This couple had the exact same plan to propose to each other in the same way, during the same game of family Pictionary. This story is making it really dusty in here. (via BuzzFeed)
Robert Downey Jr. wishes you and your preferred Stark shipping a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the shippers out there! ❤️😉

— Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) February 14, 2018

And if you’re still rolling with Galentine’s Day pt. 2, the women of Parks & Recreation …read more

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