The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery on Monday unveiled its commissioned portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama by artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively.

The former president and first lady gave remarks at the unveiling, with Mrs. Obama first saying how “overwhelmed, humbled, proud and grateful” she was to be honored with the portrait, which depicted her sitting in a long, flowing, colorful dress amid a pale blue background.

Mrs. Obama thanked her family — including “my Mommy,” Marian Robinson, who was sitting in the front row at the unveiling — and shared the story of how she first met Sherald.

Mrs. Obama said she and Sherald hit it off immediately when the artist came to meet the former president and first lady.

“She physically turned to me and said, ‘I’m really hoping we can work together,’ ” Mrs. Obama recalled.

“After that she and I started talking and Barack kind of faded into the woodwork,” she joked, adding that she and Sherald shared a “sista-girl connection.”

The former president spoke after his wife and began by praising Sherald for capturing the “charm and hotness of the woman that I love.”

He also gave a “special shoutout to my man Joe Biden — and an …read more



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