GC and Sam, sitting in a tree…

It’s not very often in life that a couple will come along and leave us all full of the feelz.

Brangelina? Meh. Posh’n’Becks? Hardly. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Blah.

However, there is *one* couple who’ve managed to make it to our shortlist of couple goals… and it’s none other than TOWIE‘s Gemma Collins and MiC’s Sam Thompson!

Yup, in probably the biggest turn of reality TV events, the GC and Sam have totally been snogging… and we’ve got the video to prove it!

In a video posted to Gemma‘s Instagram page, the Essex lady is fooling around on the sofa with resident Chelsea boy Sam Thompson during a day of filming together.

See: Ooh! TOWIE’s Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent rekindle their romance after VERY emotional reunion?

With the pair lying on the sofa, Gemma lifts Sam into the air with her legs (just FYI- you really don’t f*ck with the GC and her newly found super strength… more on that one over *here*) as she explains the pair are having ‘so much fun’

As Gemma lifts Sam into the air, she asks the MiC ‘fella give her a snog- to which he dutifully complies. …read more

Source:: CelebsNow

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