My brother was the first person who told me I should watch Rick and Morty, and he was right. I binge-watched the first season in one sitting, unable to stop following the adventures of the smartest person in the multiverse (Rick) and his timid grandson (Morty). The Adult Swim original reminded me of The Simpsons’ golden age — original, clever, and oftentimes deeply touching.

Unfortunately, a lot of horrible people agreed with me. Since its premiere in 2013, Rick and Morty has been met with nearly universal acclaim from critics — as well as from some of the worst people on the internet.

Just this past weekend, for instance, a throwaway gag from an episode spiraled out of control. After Rick and Morty casually mentioned a limited edition dipping sauce from McDonald’s, fans became obsessed about pressuring the company into bringing it back. Sensing an opportunity, McDonald’s acquiesced, but then was swamped over the weekend by the high volume of demands. When it couldn’t deliver, things got ugly, violent, and embarrassing very quickly. Chanting “we want sauce,” fans were caught harassing McDonald’s employees. Police had to step in.

For casual fans of the show, it was a depressingly familiar …read more

Source:: The Week – Entertainment

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