Chadwick Boseman plays a future Supreme Court Justice in a movie that focuses on his youth

At first, I thought “Marshall” was misnamed.

Why not call a biographical film about Thurgood Marshall simply “Thurgood”? That immediately brings a face to mind; “Marshall” could be anyone. (Heck, it could even be a prequel to “We Are Marshall.”)

But in a way, it is the only title.

Because Thurgood Marshall demanded, and received, the sort of respect that doesn’t come with a casual first name. And the word has other meanings – of military command, or gathering together and presiding over a multitude of facts.

And that he does here in a film which ultimately – unfortunately – chooses to worship rather than explore.

This is not a birth-to-death biopic, and for its central event it takes a curious focus; the 1941 trial of a black chauffeur for raping the wife of his white, Greenwich, Ct., boss. It was an important case for the black community, and a vital one for its defendant.

However, Marshall, an NAACP official and Maryland attorney, was not even allowed to argue it. Instead he sat, as silent co-counsel, while a Jewish lawyer, Sam Friedman tried it – albeit under, as dramatized here, Marshall’s …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real -Time Entertainment

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