One of the most bizarre reveals of the Harvey Weinstein scandal was that the mogul believed that being fired from The Weinstein Company as a result of sexual assault allegations against him represented a violation of his rights. In the email he sent to would-be Hollywood allies, he wrote: “We believe what the board is trying to do is not only wrong but might be illegal and would destroy the company.” On Oct. 10, he hired attorney Patty Glaser specifically to negotiate with TWC — rather than defend him against the scores of women who now accuse him of sexual harassment and rape.

In what realm would a company be prohibited from terminating an alleged serial sexual predator? The answer may lie in Weinstein’s employment contract. According to TMZ, Weinstein’s most recent TWC employment contract stated that if he ever “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he would be obligated to reimburse any company funds that go towards judgments and settlements — but not fired.

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