Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day is the newest horror film to hit theaters and it’s looking to invigorate the teen slasher genre. While the concept itself is fairly straightforward, there are enough twists and turns that it’s easy to miss some of the clues that are laced throughout the film. The basic premise of Happy Death Day is that a young college student named Tree Gelbman is being hunted down by a ruthless, masked killer. However, the main concept in this movie is every time she dies Tree’s day will restart, allowing her another chance at deducing who is trying to murder her.

Unlike other time-based films like Edge of Tomorrow, Tree actually sustains damage after each reset. Her body progressively becomes weaker after each death, which means that at some point she will be murdered and will die when her day resets. Racing against time, Tree is forced to not only confront her own personal issues but find out who is trying to kill her and stop them.

(Warning Spoilers Ahead

When the third act kicks in Tree has already been killed around 15 times by her mysterious killer who is sporting a black hoodie, pants, and a baby mask (which is the college …read more

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