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While horror movies continue to show life at the box office, some of the most innovative directors working with the genre on a smaller scale have found a more creative storytelling approach: audio. For three seasons, the radio dramas of “Tales From Beyond the Pale” have found a number of indie horror filmmakers channeling their talents into a series of gripping audio-based narratives, and you can listen to new installments of the fourth season every Friday exclusively on IndieWire, starting with two new episodes today, and concluding with a special presentation on Halloween.

Each of the 10 episodes in the latest season was recorded in front of a live audience, at special events in Los Angeles, Colorado and Montreal, between 2014 and 2015. The stories were told with a handful of actors, live music and sound design produced in real time.

“Tales From Beyond” is the brainchild of GlassEye Pix founder Larry Fessenden, best known as the director of nuanced, allegorical horror movies “Habit,” “Wendigo” and “The Last Winter,” along with Irish filmmaker Glenn McQuaid (“I Sell the Dead”). The stories focus on fearsome events ranging from ghosts to werewolves, vampires and possessed dolls. Voice actors …read more

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