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Before I really unpack this whole Riverdale theory, allow me to assure you that I know it’s a reach. With the show’s explosive season two premiere we watch as Mr. Andrews fights for his life and Archie just fights to not completely unravel. By the end of the episode, Miss Grundy is dead and it seems we may have a serial killer on the loose. Now, we’re spinning with theories about the person behind the mask. Most people think the shooter in question looks a lot like Betty’s dad. But I think the killer could be someone else entirely. I think the killer could be based on Marvel’s The Punisher.

“What?” You might say. Or, more abrasively, “Oh, f*ck off.” But here’s the thing. The Punisher actually does appear in an issue of the Archie Comics. It was a total one-off issue, a partnership between Marvel and the Archie Comics. In the issue, The Punisher chases a drug dealer named “Red” all the way to Riverdale. The thing is, “Red” looks a lot like Archie, which leads to a whole lot of danger and confusion that eventually ends in a happy …read more

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