Tom With Suri

Suri Cruise has reportedly not seen Tom Cruise for years. She’s photographed with (and by!) her mom, Katie Holmes, all of the time.

We’ve talked before about how this is probably part of a long-standing agreement between the parents, and likely for the best.

But does Suri know that? A report claims that she’s been insisting on seeing her father.

So, the new cover of Star claims that Suri Cruise has been demanding to see her father.

The story teases Suri’s “heartbreaking plea to Tom after 1487 days part” and even the irresistible rhyme of “4 years of tears.”

Gotta love a catchy rhyme that’s also evocative.

The story goes on to describe Suri’s alleged emotional plea:

“Desperately missing her dad, the 11-year-old asks her father a poignant, heartbreaking question: When can I see you?”

It then describes how Suri is too smart to fall for the “he has a busy film schedule” line, since Tom Cruise hangs out with some of his other children who are older.

That is a powerful story that cuts right to your heart. It reads as the story of every child with an absent parent who wonders if they’re just not good enough, with the twist of the absent …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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