Zoinks! The Winchester boys will meet their match when it comes to monster hunters and mysteries this year. At a screening of the “Supernatural” premiere on Thursday, Jared Padalecki discussed the special animated crossover episode with “Scooby-Doo” that will air later this season.

“It’s awesome. It’s fucking awesome,” he said. “So we got the script technically March? April? Several months ago because we did the audio for it several months ago. And they’ve already started drawing it and we actually saw a little kind of mockup, not fully animated, but what it’s going to look [like]. I watched it and like, [claps hands]. Never in my wildest dreams… I grew up watching [‘Scooby Doo’] so to hear that animated you is going to be on the same screen as the Mystery Machine — super cool.”

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Although the actor wouldn’t reveal which was faster — the Impala or the Mystery Machine — he did confirm that answer would be settled. “You’ll get a chance to …read more

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