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Springsteen really should have sought out a director for this production

NEW YORK — Inside the Walter Kerr Theatre — a modest playhouse of just 960 red velvet seats — Bruce Springsteen could sing without a microphone.

On Tuesday evening, The Boss stood on the stage’s edge as he belted his stormy tune “The Promised Land” over an audience that hummed with adoration: some fans whisper-sang along; others sat in full-on rock n’ roll arrest, staring in reverence at the man strumming his sunburst Takamine guitar. A dramatic crimson light cast half his face in shadow, mimicking the southwest’s unforgiving heat. Springsteen had just finished recounting his first cross-country road trip — a three-day marathon in 1971 that forced Bruce, who had never driven before, to speed halfway across the U.S. for an audition in California.

If that story sounds familiar, that’s because it is; the same tale was told with nearly identical detail in Springsteen’s autobiography “Born To Run,” released last fall.

For all its fevered anticipation, “Springsteen on Broadway” is largely two hours of this: Springsteen tells a version of an anecdote many fans already know — virtually every bit of monologue …read more

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