After attending the annual 100 Women in Finance Gala on Wednesday, Prince Harry stepped out in his tux once again for the Attitude Awards in London on Thursday. The royal received the legacy award on behalf of his late mother, Princess Diana, who was honored for her significant work with HIV/AIDs and challenging the stigma that surrounding the disease in the ’80s. In his speech, Harry said Diana “felt a responsibility to shine her spotlight on the people and issues that were often ignored. She knew that AIDS was one of the things that many wanted to ignore and seemed like a hopeless challenge.”

30 Sweet, Heartbreaking Things William and Harry Have Said About Princess Diana

Diana was a patron of more than 100 causes around the world, some of which Prince William and Prince Harry now champion. One of those charities was the National AIDS Trust, which promotes the awareness of AIDS and helps prevent the spread of HIV. In April 1987, Diana challenged the notion that HIV/AIDS was passed on by touch when she shook the hand of a dying AIDS patient without wearing gloves during a visit to the UK’s first AIDS ward …read more

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