The Harvey Weinstein scandal has already led to some soul searching in Hollywood, as victims of harassment are finally feeling emboldened to break their silence and report their own stories. Now, Hollywood is seeing its next major target: Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios.

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As Kim Masters first reported on Aug. 25 in The Information, Price allegedly made sexual remarks to producer Isa Hackett in July 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con. Hackett, the daughter of author Philip K. Dick, runs Electric Shepherd Prods. and is a producer on the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle,” as well as another upcoming series for the streaming service, “Electric Dreams.”

IndieWire contacted both Hackett and Amazon Studios for comment, but neither responded at press time.

According to The Information, Hackett reported the incident to Amazon, which hired an outside investigator to explore the incident. Hackett told Masters that she hasn’t been given the outcome of the investigation. Hackett initially told The Information that …read more

Source:: IndieWire

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