Daya is turning over a new leaf.

On Thursday, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter released her latest song “New,” the first track she’s released since signing her first major record label deal with Interscope Records this summer.

The song, which follows a dark tale about a past relationship, has R&B-like melodies and was inspired by what she’s experienced in “the last year — mainly emotionally and mentally,” she tells PEOPLE.

“I try to keep as honest and real as possible because if it’s not real to me, it won’t seem real to anyone else,” the “Hide Away” singer says about the inspiration behind this song. “For this one, it’s really about relationships.”

“In relationships I’m usually the one who’s like ‘Oh, I don’t need this right now, I don’t need commitment, I can do well on my own, I’m independent,’ and all this stuff, and I realized recently that that was making me really closed off to relationships and just closed off to anyone no matter who they were,” she continues. “This was a moment of realization to me that I did feel something for this person and I’m not just like this brick, and I did miss …read more


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