South Park Season 21 Episode 1

One year removed from the 2016 election has given “South Park” the perspective it needs, as Trey Parker and Matt Stone wasted no time in taking aim at how America harbors white supremacy in a biting Season 21 premiere.

Following the events of Charlottesville in August, where a counter-protester was murdered at a white supremacist rally, the first episode of the new season focused on the rise of white nationalist ire that led to reinvigorated pride in the hate-filled cause. The episode opened by reintroducing the recurring mob of Confederate flag-waving rednecks, a staple of the series known best for shouting, “They took our jobs!” whenever the opportunity arises.

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The latest “they” in that sentence are electronic personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Hordes of South Park residents are seen leaving their local Best Buy (an outdated concept, given the popularity of online shopping, but one that’s forgivable in light of the larger point), and the gaggle of jobless, lower-class white folk get …read more

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