The Christians

Sept. 15 to Oct. 7 | Pacific Theatre

Tickets and info: $20 to $36.50 at

At first (and second) glance, The Christians doesn’t seem like the kind of edgy work that appeals to the off-Broadway crowd.

It’s not a post-Rapture fantasy like HBO’s The Leftovers. Nor is it a slightly subversive musical, like The Book of Mormon. Instead, it’s about actual nuts-and-bolts doctrine. But although a play that revolves around soteriology (the doctrine of salvation) might not sound like a gripping evening out, Pacific Theatre Artistic Director Ron Reed has some (good) news for you.

“You’d think that a play set in a big church, about troubles in a church, how boring could that be?” said Reed, who plays Pastor Paul. “And this play is so breathlessly not boring. It’s so dramatic, and human.”

Pacific Theatre describes the central conflict behind The Christians thus: “With one sentence Paul overturns one of the most sacred tenets of his church’s beliefs, sending his congregation reeling towards schism.” Hopefully, it’s not too much of a spoiler to reveal that what the pastor tells his congregation is that they will no longer believe in Hell.

But the play is about more than a church schism, notes Reed.

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