— Ariel Winter (@arielwinter1)

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden haven’t been shy about showing off their love since first sparking relationship rumors in November 2016.

The Modern Family star has been known to proudly smooch her fellow actor squeeze, who stars in Aftermath and the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel, for red carpet cameras, but the pair’s most extensive expressions of love have been playing out on social media.

Smitten couples of Instagram, Twitter and beyond can learn a lot from the duo about shouting their love from the … social media accounts. For instance:

1. Start subtle.

Before officially confirming their relationship, the duo appeared together in Snapchat vacation shots, thus casually signally the beginning of a new, affectionate era in their online presences.

2. Use SDA as an opportunity to show off your style.

Because bae isn’t the only one who will enjoy that crop top.

3. Observe #mcm.

Because everyone needs a weekly reminder of who you’re more-than-crushing on.

4. Master the mid-kiss pose.

Practice makes perfect.

5. Make things extra gushy with emojis.

That lipstick mark is one of our generation’s most treasured symbols of love.

6. Document your adorable dates.

Source:: People.com

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