Even kittens can’t resist puppy love.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in the U.K. is home to the Internet’s new “it” couple.

According to Metro, Ava the kitten, who is just days old, was found abandoned in a London garage and in desperate need of help. She was rushed to Battersea for treatment and care. There, nurse Megan Goldring has been keeping an eye on the tiny kitten and giving her bottle feedings every two hours.

But it is someone else who is providing the baby cat with the TLC (tender loving cuddles) she needs to keep her spirits bright. Within her first few hours at Battersea, Ava befriended Barney the dog, who also seems to be happy about the arrangement.

When Ava isn’t being fed, she can be found in Barney’s giant embrace, getting all the nuzzles and cuddles she can handle.

Barney ended up at Battersea after he was surrendered to the rescue by his previous owners in 2014. Battersea nurse Rachel Ab’dee instantly fell for the canine and adopted him, but still brings him into work to interact with other animals.

Now, he only has his mind on one critter. The three-year-old Labrador trots into the rescue every day eager to …read more

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