How has life changed for Issa Rae since she made the transition from YouTube star (of her web series Awkward Black Girl) to creator, writer, actress and household name in HBO’s hit Insecure?

Not much, she tells PEOPLE. Except just a few more people want to say hello.

“I tell people it just feels like I’m popular in high school,” she said before speaking at the Create & Cultivate conference in partnership with Microsoft, Sorel, Express, and The Mine in Seattle on Sept. 9. “Nothing drastically changed other than people just wanting to say hi all the time. I’m never mad at that”

Of course, with all these new friends coming up to greet Rae (who was just announced as a new face of CoverGirl on Tuesday), there are times where she can get a little nervous; in particular, when she’s sitting down to a meal.

“I’m a big eater, so if I’m eating, I’m always self-conscious,” she said.

But there are more perks to fame than just the constant parade of hellos: Rae now has more of a platform to focus on the issues that matter to her, like empowering women. Having her own show really made Rae realize …read more


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