Five days ago, I had my second elective C-section and welcomed by second baby. I was up half the night last night feeding my son; my cracked nipples hurt more than my healing scar does; and I’ve just been for my first walk outside. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Kate Hudson has lit the internet on fire by describing, in the October issue of Cosmo, her own decision to have a C-section in 2004 as the “laziest thing she’s ever done.” While I wouldn’t have used her exact wording — it feels a bit judgmental even just of herself — I also chose to give birth that way, precisely because I expected it to be easier. Risking the ire I know is to come, I’ll add that my surgical birth last week was even easier than my first one two-and-half years ago. And that I have no regrets.

In fact, the only truly difficult thing about having my first elective C-section was finding a doctor willing to perform it. It was a stressful fight for my bodily rights that took me all the way up to 37 weeks and, in the end, meant changing hospitals to one on the other …read more

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