Last night was the series finale of Orphan Black, and Clone Club took to Twitter to celebrate and mourn an excellent show that was steadfastly focused on women and sisterhood, dedicated to LGBT representation, and full of weird sci-fi science. It’s incredibly rare to see a show that delivers all three of these things, and so it’s easy to see why Orphan Black won the devotion of so many viewers.

(Note: While this isn’t a spoilers post, some users did include a few non-spoiler GIFs from the final episode in their tweets, so if you’re a strict “no footage, please” person when it comes to spoilers, best wait ’til you’ve watched the episode.)

As you can see, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth – and much, much love.

— talita. (@earphaughtt) August 13, 2017

I can’t believe Orphan Black is ending like #CloneClubForever

— Bethany (@moonwizard_) August 11, 2017

You’re so legendary @tatianamaslany thank you for the best ride of my life.. got me through the worst of times.. #CloneClubForever thankful

— Flashy ➰ (@Cole_Leroy2) August 13, 2017

Me after watching the series finale of

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