Jenni Falconer speaks to Now about being a mum…

Now’s mummy blogger Jenni Falconer, 41, has one daughter with husband James; five-year-old Ella. We caught up with her to talk about being a parent…

Hey Jenni! If Ella was to describe you in three words, what would she say?

I just asked her and she said fun, adorable and small. I’m 5ft 9in – I think she’s talking about someone else!

(Now laughs) What toys does Ella love?

She loves Shopkins, which are tiny. The smaller the toy, the better! She’s also a huge fan of playing outside and she loves make-believe too, playing mummy and daughter, where she’s the mummy and I’m the daughter. She is a very bossy parent!

Aww! Is there a meal Ella loves you to cook?

I’ve had to up my game in the kitchen since becoming a mum. Ella loves fajitas – essentially stir-fried chicken and veg wrapped in tortillas. It’s a great way to get her eating veggies.

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Do you have any fears about her growing up?

You have to do your best in raising your child and hope that they’re smart and stay safe, mix with the right crowd, …read more

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