If you’re a big wuss or have an inexplicable fear of clowns (like me) then perhaps you should turn away.

On the heels of its premiere which is less than a month away, American Horror Story: Cult dropped a couple more trailers this week, and we’re terrified and just a tad confused.

In Ryan Murphy’s latest effort we see clowns, many, many clowns, in eerie, nightmare-inducing makeup and wardrobe.

In one trailer we see clown blowing up a balloon. But this isn’t for making a balloon animal because this balloon is full of bees. Is the clown blowing them out from his lungs? How is that possible? When the clown pops the balloon, he is swarmed by bees, and nothing could be freakier.

Then there’s the one where circles and circles of clowns ring around a blue-haired woman. It’s called “Ritual Scream.” So that’s not horrifying.

In the next trailer, Murphy’s villainous red-nosed entourage, appear by the dozens, encircling a woman wearing a turquoise wig. And no, it’s nothing like the turquoise wig we fell in love with last week at Crop Over. In the trailer above the clowns appear in everyday clothing (what does it mean, Ryan?) in the trailer below they appear …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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