In what’s surely a coincidence, “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” comes to Blu-ray in a new 4K transfer a month before “Blade Runner 2049” hits theaters. Warner Bros. just released a new trailer for the latest iteration of Ridley Scott‘s sci-fi classic, which takes place in a 2019 Los Angeles that, if we’re being honest here, probably isn’t too close to what L.A. will actually look like in a couple years. What’s that line about tears in rain?

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Here’s the synopsis, if you need to refresh your memory: “21st-century detective Rick Deckard brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, murderous replicants — and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul.”

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