"Snowy Bing Bongs"

What is “Snowy Bing Bongs?” As with most projects involving “Swiss Army Man” co-directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert — aka “Daniels” — you kind of have to watch it. Originally performed as a stage play by the dance-comedy trio Cocoon Central Dance Team, the 40-minute film that’s “part psychotropic performance art spectacle, part absurdist sketch show” premieres at Brooklyn’s BAMcinemaFEST. Its path to that point was as unpredictable as the movie itself.

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Cocoon Central founders Tallie Medel, Sunita Mani and Eleanore Pienta — aka the Bing Bongs — have been longtime collaborators with the Daniels, dating back to their days at Emerson College in Boston. That was before Kwan and Scheinert made names for themselves as the directors of visually-inventive music videos, which led to their surreal 2016 Sundance breakout.

“Basically, every movie I made in college had one of those girls in it,” said Scheinert. “I was in a comedy troupe with Sunita and then I made a trilogy of short films where Tallie would cry in college. And I made a big web …read more

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