Inoel Ayala has serious reasons to steer clear of secondhand smoke. A stroke two ­­­years ago left him partially paralyzed. Several years before that, he learned his young daughter had a heart murmur.

“I hear that secondhand smoke is really dangerous for anyone,” said Ayala, 35, sitting in the great room of a bright, three-bedroom apartment he rented in April.

The new apartment, at Andalucia in Santa Ana, gives the Ayala family more space, and more peace of mind.

The complex opened in March, the latest of nine affordable housing apartment communities built by C&C Development in Orange County and elsewhere that ban smoking on the premises.

Increasingly, smoke-free living is in demand.

Scott Bonesteel, a San Diego lawyer who won a secondhand smoking case against a homeowners association on behalf of an Orange County family in 2013, says that four years later, he continues to get calls every week from multi-family property dwellers seeking relief from their neighbors’ smoking habits.

“There’s a huge amount of people continuing to have problems,” he said.

Secondhand smoke is classified as a carcinogen. It poses significant health threats when it drifts into apartments and condos from neighboring units, warns the American Lung Association’s Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle

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