To put it plainly, this week’s episode of “Veep” did not go well for Selina Meyer.

But like so many of the other season-long disasters of her post-presidency tenure, her misfortune was the audience’s gain. The latest stop on the Meyer blunder trail took her to the set of “The Tonight Show,” set in a bizarre universe where Adam Scott is the host and unqualified presidents are called out on egregious mistakes.

HBO hid the full, five-minute “Tonight Show” segment as an Easter egg in the official Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy, AIDS, The Advancement of Global Democracy, Military Family Assistance and Childhood Obesity website (the tremendous collection of cringeworthy staff photos is worth the deep dive). And it’s even more horrific than what made it into the episode.

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Even without the peek into the pre-show green-room banter that followed Selina out onto the set (although if you look closely as the curtains open, you can still see Gary scurrying to stay off-camera), she still manages to savage her daughter, her new …read more

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