Mark Twain; Val Kilmer

Mark Twain; Val Kilmer (Credit: AP/Mark Humphrey)

Have you ever seen a movie so good that it makes you want to see another one just like it?

That was my reaction to “Cinema Twain,” a 90-minute film for which Val Kilmer served the director, writer and star. As he later explained during a Q&A session with audience members at Arts Quest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, this was a passion project of his stretching back to the beginning of last decade. He was particularly fascinated by Mark Twain’s fierce criticism of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy, and during the event he commented that he has long wanted to make a movie that focuses on their relationship.

Considering that Kilmer is a Christian Scientist himself, one might assume that he would be unsympathetic to Twain. But Kilmer’s cinematic depiction of his one-man play is a hilarious, humanizing portrait of one of America’s greatest authors, showing him reviewing the events of his life in a fashion that seamlessly merges Twain’s best writing with Kilmer’s modern sensibilities.

When I asked Kilmer how much of the dialogue had been Twain versus Kilmer’s own, he ballparked the mix at about 90 percent Twain. Although I consider myself to …read more

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