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Fans really thought that Agent Cooper was going to return to his true form during Episode 7 when the midget attacked him. And although the episode seemed poised to do just that, we were left disappointed when we saw that Cooper looked like he was still the spaced-out Dougie. So when is Agent Cooper going to return?

David Lynch has been silent on the question, but fans think we’re gearing up for a return sooner rather than later.

First, it appears that Coop is in Dougie’s brain somewhere. The One Armed Man visited him and told him to “wake up” and “don’t die.” If Cooper didn’t potentially have access to his full brain, there’s no reason the One Armed Man would tell him to wake up. But something is blocking him. It could be the trauma from passing through that light switch. It could be the trauma from being in the Red Room/Black Lodge. Or it could be just the fact that he was in that lodge for 25 years, time moved at a different pace, and he never had the need to talk much over there. So it’s going to take a while to get all his faculties back.

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