Sherilyn Fenn, "Twin Peaks"

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from "Twin Peaks” Episode 7, "Part 7.”]

On Sunday’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” Laura Dern returned to give a heartbreakingly brittle performance as Diane, whom it seems is another victim of Evil Cooper’s (Kyle MacLachlan) sadistic ways.

Diane’s initial reluctance and antagonism to even discuss Cooper gave a hint that something was not right between the two of them, but when she finally confronts Evil Cooper in prison, it’s clear that she is filled with outright fear and revulsion.

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When he acknowledges that the last time they met was at her house, he says, “I’ll always remember that night,” feigning fondness and civility. Apparently, voicing any sort of affection for that night is not the appropriate answer, and Diane immediately understands that something is wrong, that this is not the Cooper she once knew. “Who are you? Look at me! Look at me!” she demands before abruptly ending the interview.

Given Evil Cooper’s history, it’s an easy assumption that he most likely assaulted her in some way, probably sexually. In every scene we’ve seen …read more

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