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Part 7 of the new Twin Peaks might be the best episode in the newest season yet. It moved at a faster pace, but still gave us those great Lynchian moments that we love. Twin Peaks is one of the densest, most complicated series you’ll likely watch this year. That also means that there will likely be quite a few clues that you’ll miss! As we seek to understand exactly what’s happening in each episode, and what David Lynch is setting us up to experience, it’s important to review every episode in close detail. Here are some key points that you might have missed. Let us know in the comments below if you saw anything else important that isn’t mentioned in this story.

One Page Is Still Missing from Laura Palmer’s Diary

Laura Palmer’s missing diary pages (Showtime/Twin Peaks)

Three out of four missing pages from Laura Palmer’s diary have been found by Hawk, hidden in a bathroom door at the Sheriff’s office. Those pages talked about how she knew that it “isn’t Bob” (alluding to the horrifying realization that it was her father, Leland, who was abusing her while possessed by Bob.) Another page talked about how …read more

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