Some of us have trouble interacting with others before having at least one cup of decently strong coffee in the morning. In fact non-morning people can be so bad, we need a few sips before even being able to make eye contact with another human. According to FoodBeast, there is a coffee shop in Roanoke, VA that understands those peoples’ struggles but also thinks we should suck it up and be polite. That’s why the coffee shop came up with reward system for those who remembered to be nice even before having their caffeine, and it seems like it would be quite effective.

The coffee shop is called CUPS Coffee & Teas, and a sign that was recently put up outside the shop has gone viral for good reason. The sign advertises a few different coffee deals that customers can get for behaving with different levels of civility. If you enter the cafe and simply order one small coffee, you will have to pay $5. However, if you ask for, “One small coffee, please,” the price drops to $3. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, and say, “Hello, I’d like one small coffee please,” you’ll only have to pay $1.75. At …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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