Ghost In The Shell Scarlett Johansson

Just six months in, and the year 2017 has already been particularly unkind to Scarlett Johansson, at least as far as box office returns are concerned. The four-time Golden Globe nominee has already bowed two (very different) movies this year, the much-hyped “Ghost in the Shell” live-action feature and the raunchy female-centric comedy “Rough Night,” both of which flopped at the box office. It’s hardly the sort of financial reception the actress is used to getting, as she’s long excelled at making massive box office bucks.

Just last year, Johansson emerged as the only actress on a newly generated list of the highest-grossing actors of all-time, which also includes names like Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp. According to that running list from Box Office Mojo, first released last June, Johansson ranked in the top 10 with a total gross of $3.3 billion and counting, which put her ahead of Gary Oldman, Robin Williams, and Bruce Willis. (As of this writing, Johansson is still high on the list — in eighth place — above Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, and yes, now Depp. The next highest …read more

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