Acting can be a brutal business, as Milo Ventimiglia well knows.

So brutal, in fact, the beloved This Is Us star has been thisclose to walking away from Hollywood three separate times.

“I was just fed up,” the 39-year-old star tells PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle for the latest episode of The Jess Cagle Interview, while recalling the second time he almost left acting following a failed attempted at a Gilmore Girls spin-off and a couple of pilots that went nowhere. “I couldn’t catch a break to lock on to some work and be creative.”

Feeling frustrated, Ventimiglia says he almost switched careers to become … a mechanic.

“I was going to go be an auto mechanic,” he says. “In Southern California there’s this auto school and it’s advertised ‘Everybody needs mechanics, because they need those cars fixed’ and I’m like, ‘That’s a job that’s going to be in demand, so why don’t I learn more than I already know about cars and professionally fix cars.’ ”

Ventimiglia says he was at a breaking point after Gilmore Girls because “the business was getting in the way.”

“I wasn’t there yet in other people’s eyes,” …read more


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