The only crime Justin Bieber has recently committed is falsifying music lyrics by revealing that he actually has no clue how to speak his Spanish verse in the chart-topping track, “Despacito.” Other than that, the 23-year-old has been pretty straight edge in 2017. He’s on a mission to better himself, and he has been sharing that journey with his fans on Instagram. So far the journey has included a new tattoo, a lot of #TBT photos, and revisiting his 2014 arrest.

Early on June 19, Bieber shared two stills from his memorable arrest in January of 2014 when he was pulled over by cops in Miami while driving intoxicated. He had been drinking at a few Miami hot spots and then decided to take a yellow Lamborghini out for a spin and… the rest is history. At the time, he was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Now, three years and six months after the incident (which also led to one of the strangest and rudest depositions of all time), he is reminding his Beliebers that he has not forgotten about his previous mistakes (of which there are …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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