If you have the time to commit yourself to learning a new language, there’s no shortage of mobile options at your fingertips. But when you need a quick translation at work or when traveling abroad, Google Translate is the go-to pocket translator.

While you might have used the app for translating short snippets of text, Google Translate supports far more than a quick line or two. You can use it to interpret full webpages and documents, as well as spoken conversations and signs on the street. It will help you avoid ordering sheep penis or chicken testicles (unless, of course, you want them), and save you from a major email faux pas with an overseas work client — if you know how to use it correctly.

Ahead, your complete guide to the translation tool.

Text Untangled

Translating any line of text is as easy as copying and pasting it into Google Translate. If you know the language that you’re translating from, open the Google Translate app, enter your text and select the appropriate to and from languages along the top. For those with Android phones, you can translate a text message directly within the app by going to …read more

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