Johnny Marzetti might once have called Ohio home, but good ol’ Johnny was a traveler, a vagabond and a measure of just how restless our grandparents and great-grandparents were back in mid-20th century America.

Oh, Johnny changed a bit as families moved here and there. Some knew Johnny as Jo. Others remember Mozetti or Mazetti. But almost universally loved for down-to-earth, humble goodness, Johnny remains a fond memory – and one of the signature casseroles that defined Midwestern cooking.
A Johnny Marzetti-related request prompted a deluge of emails from Plates readers, most of whom had a story to share.

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“I saw your request today for a Johnny Marzetti recipe and had to laugh because that is exactly what we are having for dinner tonight,” emailed Libby Clark of Oakley. “I was born and raised in Ohio right outside Columbus. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at …read more

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