On the heels of a controversial report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Pamela Cohen, mother of 14-year-old Perry Cohen who went missing at sea nearly two years ago while fishing with his friend has released a statement, via attorney Guy Rubin.

The report found that Carlson “Carly” Black, mother of Austin Stephanos, also 14 at the time of the Tequesta teens’ disappearance, showed “egregious lapse of judgment” and may have violated Florida’s child abuse and neglect laws when she allowed the boys to take Austin’s “minimally equipped” 19-foot 1978 SeaCraft offshore from South Florida’s Jupiter Point. Black also waited more than two hours after realizing that the boys were missing to notify Pamela and never notified law enforcement or emergency officials.

The statement reads:

“Pamela Cohen is a grieving mother in search of answers to her son’s disappearance. Last week, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) concluded its investigation into the disappearance of Perry J. Cohen and his friend Austin. The new revelations in the FDLE report paint a stark picture, one characterized by a calamity of errors in judgment and missteps that could have potentially averted this tragic loss of life. As she …read more

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