F is For Family Season 2 Netflix

The more prestige dramas there are, the harder it is to watch all of them. They’re long. They’re heavy. And for most content on Netflix, they’re far too loosely edited, which only makes them feel longer and heavier. So as the streaming giant prepares to release a 30-minute live-action comedy-drama hybrid this week (the much-anticipated “GLOW”), it’s important to note Netflix has been killing it when making shorter dramatic content, with the most recent example being “F is for Family.”

And by killing it, I do mean death is but a heartbeat away in Bill Burr’s R-rated, animated take on “Married With Children.” It’s not so much that the ’70s-set family show deals with existential fears (like “BoJack Horseman”) or knocks off characters left and right (like most dramas these days), but that Burr’s fictionalized memoir of growing up deals with the era — and those living through it — as if though there’s no going back.

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Literally, there isn’t (until Doc Brown gets around to inventing the DeLorean), but “F is for Family” approaches its …read more

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