The California dental center where a 3-year-old girl died following a routine procedure says the toddler was “stable” before being transferred to a hospital for treatment last week.

In a new statement to PEOPLE, David Thompson, the administrator for the Children’s Dental Surgery Center in Stockton, said, “Our hearts and thoughts are with the family. It was a tragic event. None any of us expected this.”

“We have had tens of thousands of children here and this a first. Our staff is dealing with it as well.”

Daleyza Hernandez allegedly died on Monday, June 12, while under sedation to have two teeth pulled and capped at the center, her parents, Jose Hernandez and Araceli Avila, told KCRA 3.

According to a GoFundMe created in the toddler’s name, Avila saw paramedics arrive on the scene but allegedly wasn’t told the patient was her daughter until nearly 20 minutes later.

The fundraiser’s creator, Laura Rojas, said that dental staff told Avila that the little girl had stopped breathing while under anesthesia, but that she was “stable” before the paramedics arrived. She later died at the hospital. (Rojas did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.)

In his statement, Thompson said Daleyza “was stable and …read more


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