After several delays and lots of uncertainty, we finally have a premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery. We also have a schedule for it. What? You expected that since it’s available exclusively on a streaming service that you’d get to binge it all at once? Nope. Looks like CBS All Access is following Hulu’s lead on this one.

Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere on Sunday, September 24th. Like Hulu original series, CBS Access will be releasing episodes of Discovery weekly. However, they also don’t seem quite ready to let go of some of the habits of broadcast television. Episodes will be released in two halves, with the first half of the season being released every Sunday September 24th through November 5th. Then, there will be a break until January 2018, when the second half of the series will drop.

No word on the January premiere date yet.

According to Deadline Hollywood, “The break…will allow the show more time for post-production on latter episodes.” However, this also helps their marketing strategy. When, for example, AMC releases seasons of The Walking Dead in two “volumes” or “chapters” or “parts,” even though the winter months have typically been a hiatus time in television, …read more

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