Morris Carey knows every wall stud, period-specific fixture and framing of an early 20th-century bungalow he and his brother James have been renovating of late, all the way down to its initial wobbly foundation of cement blocks on topsoil, now bolstered with 49 concrete piers.

The Second Street home in downtown Brentwood reminds him of his teenage years in a Pittsburg house, repairing the 1904-era window ropes, wallpaper and plank flooring.

“All of the components are almost identical,” says the Brentwood resident. “Coming to this home and restoring it is a step back in time. It’s brought back a lot of history and memories for me.”

Fond memories of time spent raising their daughter in the formerly 1,177-square-foot residence, longtime in disrepair, offered a catalyst for Mike and Robin McClellan to go ahead and bring it back to its historically accurate charm, with visions of spending front-porch rocking-chair moments, “watching things go by,” he says.

“This is their forever home,” says Carey’s wife, Carol, who oversaw much of the interior design.

The McClellans bought the home in 1982 from family who had inherited it from former Mayor George Wedgewood. They lived there for several years before relocating for work for two decades, returning to Brentwood …read more

Source:: East Bay – Lifestyle

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