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Last week, Congressman Steve Scalise was critically wounded in a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. The Congressional Republican baseball team were practicing for their big game, and a Bernie Sanders supporter/volunteer named James Hodgkinson fired shots the practice, wounding five people including Scalise and two Capitol officers who served as Majority Whip Scalise’s bodyguards. The whole thing was horrific. The aftermath has been politically… interesting. Scalise was and is a huge NRA supporter and he’s the kind of “gun rights” advocate who believes everyone should have access to guns anywhere and everywhere, even when that person has a history of alcohol and domestic abuse like James Hodgkinson (who owned his guns legally).

Some Republicans tried to make the shooting into a “liberals are violent!!” argument, but…every Democrat made statements saying violence is not the answer, including Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, Ted Nugent – who literally made so many threats against President Obama’s life that the Secret Service investigated him – was invited to the Trump White House. The politics of this are not cut-and-dry, and no one is really scoring any political points (despite attempts on both sides). Enter Caitlyn Jenner, a …read more

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