Once upon a time, cereal was nothing more than a quick breakfast and, on occasion, an emergency dinner plan. Now, your favorite childhood cereals have become totally trendy — especially when used to amp up the flavor of dessert. That’s exactly what Burger King is doing with its new Lucky Charms Milkshake, which promises all the fun of the sugary cereal with even more dairy than you’re used to drenching the marshmallows in.

The fast food chain has just added the new item to its menu, reports PopSugar, and if you’re a fan of ultra-sugary desserts (or, say, have been ordering those marshmallow-only boxes of Lucky Charms online since before they were readily available) this one sounds like it will be right up your alley. The treat features vanilla soft serve mixed up with both Lucky Charms marshmallows and oat cereal. PopSugar states that it also includes something called marshmallow cereal-flavored topping (?), and is typically topped with whipped cream.

Here’s what the treat looks like, minus the marshmallows on top — those were added because, well, why not go hard on marshmallows if you’re already consuming an entire Lucky Charms milkshake?

The marshmallows from …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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