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Unlucky Louie was today’s declarer in my club’s penny game. He won West’s trump lead in dummy, led a diamond to his jack and beamed when West took the ace.

West led a second trump, and Louie won and led a club. West won and shifted to a heart, and Louie took his ace, threw dummy’s last heart on the king of diamonds, ruffed a heart, ruffed a club and ruffed a diamond.

Louie then ruffed another club and cashed his last trump for his ninth trick, but he was out of ammunition. Down one.

“Even a winning finesse did me no good,” Louie sighed.


If Louie counted his tricks, he would see that his line couldn’t succeed. Louie must instead go after the clubs. He leads a club at Trick Two.

If West leads a second trump, Louie wins in dummy, ruffs a club, takes the ace of hearts and loses a heart. He ruffs the next heart in dummy and ruffs a club. When the suit breaks 3-3, Louie loses only one more trick to the ace of diamonds.

This week: Count your tricks!


You hold: ♠ 6 2 ♥ K J 9 5 4 ♦ A …read more

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